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What Can You Do?

Getting Involved in The Confessing Movement

1. READ the Confessing Statement. Read the Apostles and Nicene Creeds found in your church Hymnal. Read the Articles of Religion and the Confession of Faith found in the United Methodist Book of Discipline. Look up the words “confess” and “confession” in your concordance and Bible dictionaries.

2. DISCUSS the issues facing our church. Do you know what the Doctrinal Standards of The United Methodist Church are? Has your local church, Administrative Board, Bible study class or small group ever examined itself in light of these Standards? Are they taught to your children, youth and new members? Is there clear teaching in your local church about the difference between private opinions and the Church’s doctrine about the faith?


3. ORGANIZE. Ask your Administrative Board to consider supporting the Confessing Statement. Ask your pastor to lead a class which explores the Doctrinal Standards. Ask your Adult Church School classes to study the documents listed above.


4. PRAY for the Church, for our leaders, for all our people. Pray for God to send “the Spirit of truth who will guide us into all truth” (John 16:13).

JOIN The Confessing Movement


Print out the “I Affirm” document below, fill out and mail to:

7995 East 21st Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46219

You can also scan and email it to


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