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A Day Older and Wiser: Why I Resigned from the Commission on General Conference

By Rev. Joseph F. DiPaolo

March 8, 2022

President Abraham Lincoln was once taken to task by a congressional ally for changing a policy position. “Mr. President, you have changed your mind entirely within a short time.” Convinced that recent events and new information required a change of heart, Lincoln rep

lied, “Yes, I have, and I don’t think much of a man who isn’t wiser today than he was yesterday.”

Perhaps I’ve been wizened, or maybe I just woke up, but I have changed my mind about The United Methodist Church’s Commission on General Conference (COGC). Last September, Outlook published my reassurances that the members and staff of the COGC were doing all they could to ensure the postponed General Conference would be held as scheduled this summer.

I no longer believe that to have been true.

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