Friday, December 20, 2019


Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas in his book “Go East, Young Man,” recalls a co-worker named H.A. Moore. “He was an excellent lawyer of the old school, completely dedicated to the law. He wore a green eyeshade and smoked incessantly. One night the telephone rang and he answered in an angry voice because he resented the interruption. His wife was on the line. He said, “What? The house is on fire? Why bother me? Call the fire department!”

Douglas remembers seeing H.A. Moore several years later. “He was gaunt and gray, only a shadow of the man I once knew. He had never had the time to get to know the flight of Canadian geese or the thrill of a taut fishing line. He had given his all to the law and it had squeezed every other interest out, even listening to the music of Mozart which he loved.”

Beware of any false god that can squeeze the life out of you.