Thursday, November 7, 2019


A judge in Memphis was involved in the Boy Scout organization for over 25 years. He spent countless weekends in the woods with his boys. He recalled one Saturday morning around 5:30 AM when the boys were gathering at his house to go on a camping trip. One of the boy’s fathers, a physician, said: “Judge, I sure wish I could go with you one weekend and help out with the boys.” The judge replied, “You could if you really wanted to.” That statement hurt the doctor’s feelings. He replied, “You don’t understand the demands on my time.” “Oh yes I do,” said the judge. “Everybody has the same time allotment—24 hours per day. How we fill those hours is simply a matter of priorities.”

Examine your schedule for the past week. Does your allotment of time agree with what you profess to be your priorities?


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