Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Bob Biehl, in his book “Master Planning,” tells about a conversation he had with a man who trains animals for Hollywood movies. He asked the trainer, “How is it that you can stake down a ten-ton elephant with the same size stake that you use for this baby elephant?” “It’s easy,” said the trainer. “When the elephants are babies, they try to tug away from the stake countless times before they realize that they can’t do it. At that point their phenomenal memory kicks in. For the rest of their lives they remember that they can’t get loose from the stake.”

Humans are somewhat like elephants. Often when we are young, some unthinking, insensitive person says something negative about us, like “He is not good at planning” or “She is not a good leader” or “Their dream will never make it.” Often at those moments a mental stake is driven into our subconscious. Even years later those stakes can still bind us.

The living Christ is always moving around among believers, snatching stakes out of our minds, opening up doors that we thought were closed, and whispering in our ears, “With God all things are possible.”


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