Monday, September 2, 2019


“Daddy” Buckner was a Baptist pastor who founded numerous orphanages in Texas. It was his custom to gather the children each evening after supper to play, laugh, share, sing, and pray. Many of these children had never known fathers. They craved his touch and his hug, and competed to get closest to him.

But there was a little girl named Mary who kept her distance from him. She was new to the orphanage. Her only parent had died in a tragic house fire. Though Mary had survived the fire, she had suffered serious burns, leaving some severe scars on her face.

One day Daddy Bucker got a chance to talk with Mary alone. He said, “Honey, I notice that you don’t sit close to me like the other children do. I hope I haven’t said anything to hurt your feelings.” She stared at the floor and was silent for long moments. Then she said, “I’m not very pretty.” Gently old Daddy Buckner took Mary in his arms and kissed those scars. Then he said, “Mary, when I look at you I just see a beautiful little girl who needs a daddy. I would be so thrilled if you would let me be your daddy.” With tears rolling down her cheeks, Mary hugged her new daddy.

God in his grace looks right past the scars and bruises of our sins and blunders. Thanks to the cross, all of that has been paid for. God sees us as we are designed to be----his precious children!