Monday, July 22, 2019


A small boy, confined to the house one rainy Sunday afternoon, became somewhat of a pest to his father who wanted to take a nap. Finally in order to get some relief, the father picked up the Sunday newspaper. He found a large map of the world printed on one of the pages. With a pair of scissors he cut the map into many irregular pieces, like a jigsaw puzzle. Then he said to his son, “See if you can put this puzzle together, and don’t disturb me until you’ve finished.” He turned over on his couch, thinking that the boy would be kept occupied for at least an hour. But ten minutes later the lad was tugging at his father’s shoulder. “I have the puzzle all together,” he said proudly. His father looked it over and found that each piece was in its proper place. “How did you do it so quickly?” he asked his son. “It was easy, Dad. There was a picture of a man on the other side. When I got the man together right, the world was right too.”

When a person gets right with God, accepting forgiveness and reconciliation, suddenly the world outside is much improved too.