Friday, July 19, 2019


The great baseball pitcher Orel Hershiser in his book “Out of the Blue” describes an encounter with Los Angeles Dodgers’ manager Tommy Lasorda that would change his life. Lasorda called Hershiser into his office and shouted. “Orel, you don’t believe in yourself. You’re afraid to pitch in the big leagues! Who do you think these hitters are, Babe Ruth? Ruth is dead! You’ve got the stuff. If you didn’t, I wouldn’t have hired you.”

Lasorda continued, “I’ve seen guys come and go, son, and you’ve got it! Be aggressive. Be a bulldog out there. That’s gonna be your new name: bulldog. With that name, you’ll scare hitters to death! Starting today I want you to believe that you are the best pitcher in baseball. Look at that hitter and say, ‘there’s no way you can ever hit me.”

Two day later Orel pitched relief and in three innings he gave up only one run. Lasorda’s talk (he calls it his “Sermon on the Mound”) had worked.

Someone near you today may need just an encouraging word from you to move from mediocrity to greatness!