Thursday, July 11, 2019


Some years ago a teacher in a one-room school that included first through eighth grades was casting her students for parts in the annual Christmas pageant. One of her students named Tony was a special education child. He wanted very much to be in the play but the teacher wondered if he would be able to remember his lines. The other children begged the teacher to let Tony participate. So the teacher cast Tony in the role of the innkeeper of Bethlehem. He had to say only two lines. First, “No room.” Then after Mary said, “I’m so tired and I’m about to have a baby. Please find a place for my baby to be born,” Tony was supposed to say again, “No room. All we have is a stable out back.”

On the night of the play, everything went as planned. Tony said, “No room.” Then Mary told him she was so tired and began to cry. At that point Tony paused and said, “I know what I’m supposed to say…but you can have my room.”

Thank God for people who are willing to violate scripts in order to follow the higher impulse for love.