Tuesday, June 11, 2019

June 11, 2019



            Curt Knight, former kicker for the Washington Redskins, once had the highest field goal percentage in the National Football League.  But then the Redskins changed coaches.  Soon thereafter the Redskins were in a tight game, late in the fourth quarter.  All they needed was a field goal to win.  But on fourth down at the opponents’ 35-yard line, the coach called for a pass.  The pass failed and the Redskins lost.  After the game the coach was asked why he hadn’t attempted the field goal.  He replied, “I didn’t think our kicker could make it.”  From that time on, Curt Knight’s success rate declined.

            Each of us is either stimulated or discouraged by other people, especially by those who are most important in our lives.  Each day our attitude toward others either raises or lowers their capabilities.



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