Thursday, April 18, 2019


Corrie Ten Boom, the great Dutch Christian, suffered in a Nazi concentration camp. Her sister and father died there. She tells in one of her books about giving a lecture on forgiveness in Germany after the war. After the lecture, a former Nazi guard at the same camp asked for Corrie’s handshake and forgiveness. At first she could not do it. All the horrors of the past were too vivid and painful. But she prayed silently, asking for God’s help. Suddenly her hand began to rise, not by muscle control but by divine help. As they shook hands, the power of God’s forgiveness moved between them.

If you want to see a miracle ask God to help you forgive someone who has hurt you deeply. Your mind and heart will be cleansed of the deadly poison of resentment. You and the other person will almost literally feel God brush by.