Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Sometime ago the Associate Pres reported an amazing dog story. Sam, a scruffy mix of Yorkshire terrier and poodle, is back home – dog tired after an 840 – mile trek from Colorado to California.

Sam’s owners were moving to a California apartment that did not allow animals. Therefore, before leaving Colorado, they had sold Sam to another family.

Ten weeks after they moved, they heard a scratch at their door. There was Sam –weak, blistered and dirty, but mighty happy to be home.

If an animal like Sam has a homing instinct that strong, should it be surprising that human beings have a deep internal compass guiding them? If we were made by God, created in His image, designed to be His children, doesn’t it make sense that we would feel a powerful internal pull toward God?

Maybe this is why so many people feel deeply discontented until they come home to God.