The final day of the 2019 Special Session of General Conference was filled with emotion, questionable rulings, demonstrations, delay tactics, and obstruction measures. In the end, the Conference adopted the Traditional Plan by vote of 438 to 384. The Traditional Plan was adopted in spite of the introduction of a Minority Report to substitute the One Church Plan for the Traditional Plan. The Minority Report was rejected by the delegates with 374 for substitution and 463 against substitution. With this rejection, there were no further routes to revive the One Church Plan.

Upon adoption of the Traditional Plan, LGBTQI supporters broke out in chants and song, and marched through the bar of the Conference where Bishops came out of their seats and joined the demonstrators. Demonstrations continued throughout the Conference with demonstrators again entering the bar of the Conference carrying the cross and sitting on the stage.

The business of the Conference continued with the disruption and noise of the demonstrators. The delegates approved a motion to substitute a Minority Report for Disaffiliation Petition 90066 known as the Taylor petition. The Minority Report was supported by the Confessing Movement. The vote to substitute was close, 402 to 400, but enough to pass. The vote on adoption of the Minority Report was wider, 420 to 390. With its passage, there will be a clear and defined exit path in the Discipline.

The 2019 Special Session of General Conference has concluded. The Western Jurisdiction leadership stood and boldly proclaimed they were not going away. The work and efforts of the Confessing Movement continue. The accomplishments at this Conference will not secure obedience to the Discipline and compliance by those who are disobedient. What has been accomplished is affirmation of the Church’s stance on homosexuality and strength to enforcement of that stance. It is still our task to contend for the faith, uphold our Wesleyan tradition, and uphold the Primacy of Scripture.

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