Chris Ritter Reflects on GC 2019

United Methodism is born again as a global church. Like most births, the process was fraught with anxiety, excruciatingly painful, messy. The tears will dry and healing will happen, but this can never be undone. We are not sure what we are right now. But we know a bit better who we are.

It is always true of General Conference that delegates go home not knowing exactly what they did. This is probably even more true of General Confernece 2019. We passed the Modified Traditional Plan 438 to 384 (53% to 47%) without all the desired perfections that were intended. The One Church Plan took its final gasp today in a failed attempt at substitution, 449 to 374. This was to the pain and dismay of Progressives and the never-ending consternation of American Centrists and bishops. Many annual conferences loaded their GC2019 delegations with LGBTQ clergy and laity, so the emotion in the room was raw. This was personal.

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