DAY THREE - 2019 SPECIAL SESSION: Morning Session

The morning session of the legislative committee concluded with mixed results. Based on the prioritizing that was decided by the committee, the Traditional Plan was next in line for consideration and would be the first petition taken up at the beginning of the session. When the petition was called, there was an immediate motion to postpone deliberation on the Traditional Plan and move to the One Church Plan. This motion was made notwithstanding the fact that the Traditional Plan was second in priority and the One Church Plan fifth in priority. There was much debate on the motion to postpone, for and against and points of order. Thankfully, when the vote was finally taken on the motion to postpone, it failed 334 to 488. The chair moved to the Traditional Plan and the first petition to the Plan was called.

The Mixed Results: Moving through the petitions was tedious. There were many amendments that were needed to be introduced due to the Judicial Council decisions. We were able to get in the desired amendments to only two petitions ( petition 90033 and 90034) and a portion of the desired amendments in only one sub paragraph of a third petition (90034). It is hoped that the remaining amendments can be presented tomorrow during plenary session.

A motion was made to close debate on all matters before the house on the Traditional Plan passed 577/234. Thereafter a vote was taken on all of the petitions of the Traditional Plan (90032-90040; 90042-90047) with the exception of 90041 and 90048 which were referred to the standing committee on Central Conferences. The good news, the Traditional Plan passed by a vote of 461 to 359.

The legislative committee moved to the Disaffiliation petitions. The Taylor petition (90066) passed with 2 amendments by 599/223. The Boyette Disaffiliation petition (90059) was next in line. It passed as presented -no amendments- 425/392.

After the lunch break the General Conference delegates spent hours debating the One Church Plan and the Simple Plan. Ultimately, the One Church Plan was defeated by a vote of 436 to 386. The Simple Plan, submitted by the unofficial United Methodist Queer Clergy Caucus, was defeated by a vote of 494 to 323. This means the Traditional Plan is the only plan guaranteed to go to plenary Feb. 26. The One Church Plan could still come to the floor as minority reports were submitted. An amended version of the Traditional Plan, which delegates did not fully take up, also could come before the body Feb. 26.

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