Day two (2) of the 2019 Special Session of General Conference was a critical day for determining the fate of the Traditional Plan petitions that are supported by the Confessing Movement. Delegates were asked today to prioritize the petitions that are being considered under the One Church Plan, the Traditional Plan, the Connectional Conference Plan, and the Simple Plan. In addition, petitions on Disaffiliation and Pensions were part of the prioritizing process.

Delegates had to decide whether Petitions should be categorized as “high priority” or “low priority.” Petitions categorized “high priority” would be considered first by the legislative committee and petitions receiving “low priority” could be considered if enough time and support. Further, adopting a “high priority” plan or petition might rule out adoption of other plans or petitions.

For this Special Session, the Commission on General Conference determined that there would be only one legislative committee to which all 864 delegates would be assigned. After the plenary session this morning, the 864 member legislative committee convened to prioritize the petitions, elect officers, and conduct the work of the committee. The committee voted the Pension petitions as a “high priority” at 63.56%, the Traditional Plan was second with “high priority” at 55.57%, 2 Disaffiliation petitions came in third and fourth at 50.06% and 49.51% respective, and the One Church Plan received 48.67%. Other petitions that were prioritized were given a “low priority.” Some of those petitions included Inclusiveness based on sexual orientation and gender identity and condoning the practice of homosexuality.

After all petitions were prioritized, the next order of business was to elect the officers of the committee. The Confessing Movement supported Joe Harris as chair of the committee and Rev. Dr. Harris was elected chair. With the election of officers, the committee began working through the petitions.

The Pension petitions were considered first by the legislative committee and they were approved. The committee adjourned for the day without considering any other petitions. The Traditional Plan petitions will be taken up first at Monday’s session. The Traditional Plan has crossed the first hurdle with the “high priority” it received in legislative committee. The next step is for the legislative committee to recommend the Traditional Plan petitions to the plenary session of General Conference. Finally, they must be adopted by General Conference.

Day three (3) will be another critical day in moving the Traditional Plan through the process to adoption. The Confessing Movement remains hopeful, encouraged, and thankful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the movement of His Spirit over this Conference.

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