The first day of the special session began for the Reform and Renewal Coalition with the Good News Breakfast that filled the room at maximum capacity. Rob Renfroe lead off with a modified John Wesley quote: “ The World is our Parish, the Lord Jesus is our Savior, the Gospel is our Message, and the Bible is our Book.” Rob says “ there is no prize nor pressure that can be set before me that would cause me to deny the Lordship of Jesus Christ.” Attendees and Observers were then treated to an awe, inspiring message from the Rev. Dr. Jerry Kulah. Dr. Kulah implored the gathering to stay the course. He said we Africans “have heard no compelling reasons for changing our sexual ethics, our teachings on marriage, and our ordination standards! We stand together! We are grounded in God’s word and the gracious and clear teachings of our church. On that we will not yield! We will not take a road that leads us away from the truth!”

From the breakfast we moved into the first plenary session of the General Conference - A Day of Prayer. The entire day was devoted to prayer. In liturgy and song, prayers were offered for the delegates, the Church in all of the quadrants of the world, and that our path would be illuminated in finding a way forward. The day’s service was concluded with a celebration of Holy Communion.