Thursday, November 29, 2018


In his book “Peace Child,” Don Richardson tells of his experiences among the headhunting Sawis tribe in Indonesia. One day he was telling them about how Jesus Christ had been sent into the world by God to overcome the barrier of sin. This concept was hard for these primitive people to understand.

The Sawis hated the tribe that lived near them, and the warfare was almost constant between them. Richardson tried hard to be a peacemaker. One day he brought the two tribes together for a grand council. The air was electric with tension. Suddenly a Sawis warrior grabbed a nursing baby from his anxious wife, and running to the chief of the other tribe, handed him the baby. The distraught mother pleaded with her husband not to do this. Then abruptly, a warrior from the other tribe did the same thing, handing a baby to the Sawis chief. Aghast, Don Richardson asked what was happening. A nearby warrior explained that the tribes were exchanging a “peace child.” As long as these children were unhurt, the tribes would live in peace. Shouts of joy began to break out and the people began to dance. The peace children made it possible for the two tribes to live near each other without fear.

Suddenly Don Richardson discovered an analogy he could use in order to share the gospel with the tribes. He explained to them that