Thursday, November 8, 2018


Elmer Growmeyer, a Methodist layman in Memphis, told me about his father who had run a retail business in Louisville. One day he came back from lunch to find his place of business on fire. He stood out in the street, wringing his hands, as the firemen fought the fire. His pastor stopped by, tapped him on the shoulder, and said, “Romans 8:28.” Mr. Growmeyer knew that verse—“All things work together for good for them that love the Lord and are called according to his purposes.” But he was not particularly pleased to be reminded of that truth while his place of business was burning down. He could not imagine how this fire could be used for good. However, in the weeks that followed, his business partner sold out to him. This was a positive development because he and the partner did not get along. With help from some insurance money, he rebuilt on a larger scale, allowing for more merchandise. Increased sales required more employees. At that time Mr. Growmeyer’s eldest son was finishing school and wanted to work in the retail business. The son turned out to be an excellent assistant. Gradually he took over more and more of the business and it prospered. From the perspective of ten years later, Mr. Growmeyer was actually grateful for the fire. He decided that Romans 8:28 works every time!

Don’t decide that apparent misfortunes in life are really misfortunes, until you see what God can do with them.