Wednesday, October 10, 2018


The legendary former football coach of Florida State, Bobby Bowden, recalls when he was a boy during Depression times. His father and uncle would take him fishing down by the river. They used cane poles and worms. Bobby says that for a while he thought his first name was “shut up.” They were always saying to him, “Shut up, you’ll scare the fish.”

Bobby says, “My job was to put the fish they caught on a stringer. They would flip the fish up on the sandy bank and then bait their hooks and keep right on fishing. As soon as I touched the fish, it would flip-flop all over the place. Often one of the fish’s sharp fins would stick me. Why was the fish so restless on the sandy shore? Because it was created to live in water. It was miserable anywhere else.”

Then Bobby made this observation: “A person outside of Christ is like a fish out of water. We were created in God’s image with a God-shaped hole inside of our souls. Until God fills that void, we will always be miserable.”