Friday, October 5, 2018


On a recent flight I sat beside an older lady named Jean. When she found out that I am a pastor, she told me her story. About a year earlier her husband had died. He was stricken by an aneurysm at an airport and died instantly. They had met six years earlier on a group tour to Europe. About 350 people were in the group. On the first morning of the tour they happened to reach the breakfast buffet at the same time. He invited her to sit with him if she did not have another commitment. She said, “It was love at first sight. We were both lonely. Both of our first spouses had died several years earlier. He was living in an apartment in New York, and I was living in a big house in Memphis. We married six weeks after we returned home from the trip. We had five wonderful years together. He was Roman Catholic and I am Episcopalian. So, we attended Mass on Saturdays and went to my church on Sundays. In fact, he was made an honorary altar guild member of my church!”

Jean smiled as she shared all those memories. Then she sighed and said, “I’m so grateful to God that we met. Oh sure, I wish we could have had 20 years together instead of five, but I wouldn’t trade those five years for anything.”


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