Thursday, May 3, 2018


During a retirement party for the great basketball player Larry Bird, former Celtics coach, K.C. Jones told this story. The score was tied with just a few seconds left to play. Jones called a time-out and was about to set up a final play. But Bird interrupted and said, “Get the ball to me and get everyone out of my way.” Jones said to Bird, “Look, I’m the coach around here and I will call the plays.” Then Jones turned to the other players and said, “Get the ball to Larry, and get out of his way.”

In real life, we can’t turn over every problem to a superstar. So God makes a better offer. When we share a problem or need with Him in prayer, He activates and supplements what we already have. He doesn’t bail us out; He just helps us bail more effectively.

Let this be your thought for the day: God and I together are bigger than any problem I will ever have to face.


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