Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Archibald Rutledge, the great naturalist and outdoorsman, wrote about watching a bird build its nest. Patiently and tirelessly it worked all day. That night a storm came, and the next morning the nest lay on the ground in pathetic ruin. But the bird was there too, not mourning over the destruction but busily rebuilding.

Human beings are smarter than birds but not always as wise. When tragedy strikes, we devote much time and energy to analyzing the wreckage. We ask why and place blame. Sometimes we lapse into self-pity and depression.

But consider the bird. It understands that life is a risky affair. One can get hurt. But it also seems to know that life is a wondrous blessing, and that a kind providence presides over it all. Therefore, the bird rebuilds, and even dares to sing.