Friday, April 13, 2018


A pastor visited a dear, elderly member of his church one day. He decided to check on her salvation. He said, “Aunt Susie, do you believe in the hereafter?” She replied, “All the time, preacher, all the time. Why just today I went to the kitchen and then said to myself, “Now what did I come here after?”

What did I come here after? Or, what is my purpose in living today? Sure, I want to earn a living and meet my responsibilities. But there must be more that I came here after.

Today I hope I can wipe away somebody’s tear and keep someone from giving up. I hope I can love and influence a child. I hope I can give and receive forgiveness. I hope I can thank someone who has made my life better. I hope I catch a glimpse of something beautiful. Most of all, I can point someone to that One who saved my soul and put eternal joy in my heart. That’s what I came here after!