Tuesday, March 20, 2018


In his book Stress Fractures, Charles Swindoll writes, “I vividly remember some time back being caught in the undertow of too many commitments in too few days. It wasn’t long before I was snapping at my wife and our children as I rushed about.

“I distinctly recall after supper one evening the words of our younger daughter, Colleen. She wanted to tell me something important that had happened to her at school that day. She began to talk hurriedly.

“Suddenly realizing her frustration, I said, “Honey, you can tell me…and you don’t have to tell me really fast. Say it slowly.”

“I’ll never forget her answer: ‘Then listen slowly.’”

Careful, loving listening is unhurried. It allows for those pregnant pauses, those silent moments of deliberation, some laughter and even some tears. Today, listen slowly to someone.


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