Thursday, March 15, 2018


The TV news anchorman Tom Brokaw was shopping one day in New York when he noticed a man watching him closely. Finally the man approached. Brokaw was sure the man was about to ask if he were the famous TV anchorman. The man said, “Are you Tom Brokaw?” “Right,” said Brokaw. “You used to do the morning news in Omaha, right?” “That’s right, “said Brokaw. “I knew it the minute I spotted you,” the fellow said. “By the way, whatever happened to you?”

No matter how successful we become, the following facts should keep us humble: First, we couldn’t accomplish anything without the gift of health. Second, we probably would not be sane today if someone had not loved us when we were quite young. Third, the biggest single factor that will determine how many people attend your funeral will be whether or not it rains that day.

These facts should make us humble enough to acknowledge our gratitude to God and other people.