Good News counters Bishop Lewis’s false statement

In the interest of accuracy, Good News wishes to briefly respond to a false allegation by retired Bishop William Lewis against our ministry in a story filed by Cynthia Astle on her website UM-Insight. The February 27 story includes the following unsubstantiated claim: “The WCA and Good News are being funded by the IRD, which is funded by right-wing billionaires like Scaife, the Kochs and Ahmanson,” Bishop Lewis said. (The WCA stands for the Wesleyan Covenant Association and the IRD stands for the Institute on Religion and Democracy. As for Lewis, he retired as a bishop from the Dakotas 22 years ago.)

In the 50 years of its ministry, Good News has been voluntarily funded by mainstream clergy and lay people in the pews who hold to a classical evangelical and traditional vision of United Methodism. Bishop Lewis falsely claimed that we have received funding from our colleagues at the IRD. We have not. Nor have we ever received funds from any of the billionaire foundations Lewis mentions. A simple inquiry to fact-check would have insured that this false allegation and unsubstantiated reporting never took place

By way of clarity, Good News has been a charter member of the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability (ECFA), an agency that provides accreditation for Christian nonprofits for compliance with established standards for financial accountability, fundraising, and board governance.

The goals and vision of our ministry have never been secret. Good News has faithfully participated in every denomination-wide dialogue on the issues facing The United Methodist Church. Our perspectives, opinions, and alliances have always been matters of public record.


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