A Word From Our Executive Director

As you can imagine, rumors and misinformation abound regarding the work of the Commission on a Way Forward. Be assured that both The Confessing Movement and I remain committed to affirming the authority of Scripture and desire obedience by all United Methodists to the Book of Discipline.

As a member of the Commission on a Way Forward I am bound by a confidentiality agreement and, therefore, am unable to comment on the reasons behind actions taken by the Commission. Similarly, Bishop Ough recently said that because of the relationship between the Council of Bishops (COB) and the Commission, the bishops do not want to share many details from their recent closed-door meeting until the Commission is provided the information at their March meeting.

You should know that decisions made by the Commission are not always unanimous nor do they necessarily represent the positions of each and every member. That would be impossible. Further, the Commission has not made a final decision about what recommendation they will send to the bishops. However, once the COB has filed their recommendations with the General Conference or it is made available to the church, The Confessing Movement will respond appropriately. Until this time, I hope you will continue to pray for me, the Commission and the COB.

In His Service,

Patricia L. Miller

Executive Director

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