Tuesday, January 30, 2018


In the rather optimistically titled “MAKING THE ‘TERRIBLE’ TWOS TERRIFIC!,” child psychologist John Rosemond wrote,

“The newborn, lacking any other frame of reference, relates all early experience to himself, and himself alone. From his point of view, the world came into being at the moment he opened his eyes; therefore, the act of opening his eyes was the act of creation. It follows, from his point of view that he reigns over all things, which exist for him and because of him. Amen.”

The Bible calls this original sin. That is, we come into the world with selfishness wired into our DNA. This heritage comes to us through countless generations, all the way back to Adam and Eve. Before the new Adam (Jesus Christ) can change and re-wire our hearts, we must first confess that we have a life-threatening spiritual illness that only God can cure..”


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