Friday, January 5, 2018


Between two farms near Valleyview, Alberta, you can find two parallel fences, only two feet apart, running for a half mile.

Two farmers, Paul and Oscar, had a disagreement that erupted into a feud. Paul wanted to build a fence between their properties and split the cost, but Oscar was unwilling to contribute. Since he wanted to keep cattle on his land, Paul went ahead and built the fence anyway.

After the fence was completed, Oscar said to Paul, “I see we have a fence.” “What do you mean ‘we’?” Paul replied. “I got the property line surveyed and built the fence, and if any of your cows sets foot on my land, I’ll shoot it.”

Oscar knew that Paul wasn’t joking. So when he eventually decided to use the land adjoining Paul’s for pasture, he was forced to build another fence, two feet away.

Oscar and Paul are both dead now, but their double fence stands as a sad monument to the high price we pay for stubbornness.