Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Rocky Bleier was drafted as a running back by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1968. After a brief stint in professional football, he joined the Army and was sent to Vietnam. There he had part of his right foot blown away by a grenade. The doctors said he would be lucky if he ever walked again.

Crippled and underweight, Rocky began a comeback effort, using running, weight lifting, yoga and any other exercise that seemed to help. He worked at it until he could run up and down the fire escape of his eight-story apartment building eight times in a row.

It took four years, but eventually he could run the forty-yard dash faster than when he was a rookie with the Steelers. Not only did Rocky play football again; he helped the Pittsburgh Steelers win a Super Bowl.

Dear Lord, please put a little bit of the stuff you made Rocky Bleier out of in all of us.