Monday, October 2, 2017


Bishop Dick Wills recalls a man he encountered when he was the pastor of a local church. This man lived right beside the church. He began parking his van on church property in a grassy area near Dick’s office. Parking there was killing the grass. One day Dick saw him coming to the van. So he approached the man and said, “Sir, I‘m Dick Wills, pastor of this church. I know you need a parking space. Right down there at the end of our property is a safe place where we park the church vans. We’ll be happy for you to park there.” The man responded, “Thank you very much.” Dick walked back to his office, proud of himself that he had solved that problem. But the very next day that van was in its regular place beside Dick’s office.

Dick prayed about this matter, and God gave an answer. God told Dick that He was going to let that van stay right there until he (Dick) cared more about that man than about the church grass.