Way Forward keeps mum on plans for church

The Commission on a Way Forward is sketching plans for moving The United Methodist Church beyond its impasse around homosexuality.

At this point, commission members are not saying what those plans look like. Instead, the commission is waiting to unveil its proposals until it gets preliminary approval from the Council of Bishops in November.

“The outlines of plans or conceptual models are still in development, and since we are a commission of the Council of Bishops, it is appropriate that we speak with them first,” said Florida Area Bishop Kenneth H. Carter Jr., one of three moderators of the 32-member, multinational commission.

As with its previous meetings, the commission’s fourth gathering on July 19-21 was closed to all but invited guests. Members of Love Prevails, which advocates for full inclusion of LGBTQ individuals in church life, tried to attend but were barred from the meeting space.

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