Judicial Council rejects reconsideration of gay bishop ruling

File photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

The United Methodist Judicial Council was unanimous in rejecting a motion by the Western Jurisdiction College of Bishops asking the denomination’s top court to reconsider its ruling in the case of a gay bishop.

In an email to interested parties, the Rev. Luan-Vu “Lui” Tran, secretary of Judicial Council, wrote “after careful review and prayerful consideration, the Motion to Reconsider JCD 1341 of the Western Jurisdiction College of Bishops has been denied.”

The Western Jurisdiction College of Bishops filed the motion on June 12, contending that Decision 1341 unlawfully changes the definition of “self-avowed practicing homosexual.”

Tran said the Judicial Council usually does not disclose the vote to the requesting party but was doing so because the vote was unanimous. The request will not be placed on the fall docket but will be reported as a memorandum at the October meeting.

“The denial was expected, but it does not mean that the issues are resolved or that the struggle is over,” said Richard A. Marsh, chancellor of the Rocky Mountain Conference who was part of the counsel for the Western Jurisdiction during an oral hearing on April 25.

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