Wednesday, July 5, 2017


In 2004 the Associated Press reported on a genuine Good Samaritan in Nanjing, China. A man named Chen Si goes to the landmark Yangtze River Bridge each day to serve as a savior of suicidal people. Suicide is now the leading cause of death for Chinese between ages 15 and 34. Since the bridge opened in 1968, at least 1000 people have committed suicide by jumping off of it. Chen Si has stopped 42 people from taking that deadly leap. He stands on the bridge and watches people, wearing sunglasses and a cap to bock the boiling sun. He says it is easy to spot someone who is suicidal. Such a person “walks without spirit.” He says that suicidal people have often lost money or a spouse. If he can persuade them not to jump, he then takes them to a nearby restaurant to talk and eat. Says Chen, “We have to teach people to love and treasure life.”

If any of us is watchful, God may bring to our attention some depressed person who sorely needs a caring, encouraging word.