Friday, June 2, 2017


Abraham Lincoln had a gift for transforming his enemies

into friends. For example, an influential Chicago man named J.S.

Moulton was a harsh critic of Lincoln during his campaign for the

presidency. After Lincoln’s victory a reception was held in his

honor at a Chicago hotel. Lincoln spied Moulton making his

obligatory trip through the receiving line. Lincoln called out to

him, “Mr. Moulton, you don’t belong there in the receiving line.

Come and stand here by me.” Moulton became one of Lincoln’s

most loyal supporters.

Some people make lists of their enemies and plot ways to

get back at them. That just continues the cycle of animosity,

poisoning everybody with resentment. But when one dares to

return good for evil, the poison of resentment is shut off, and

beautiful relationships are born.