Friday, May 12, 2017


Sin is not a fashionable word nowadays. More than 20 years ago Dr. Karl Menninger wrote his important book, Whatever Became of Sin? The word is still not politically correct. On television and in the movies you will hear every crudity and profanity ever uttered but you will not likely hear the word “sin” used seriously. Yet, the Bible says that sin is the fundamental problem of the human race.

Our basic problem is not that we are under-educated or malnourished or abused or discriminated against, though all of those problems are serious. Our basic problem is sin. We are naturally prone to rebel against God and to be selfish. Furthermore, we cannot cure the sin problem by will power or education or diet.

There is a cure. It is through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus is searching for you. Let Him find you and apply the cure.


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