Thought for the Day


A woman in Florida had a malignant tumor in her face. Her physician told her the only available treatments would cause much pain and some disfigurement. The treatments did not offer a cure, but they would probably buy her more time.

She listened and then said, “No thanks, Doctor, I’m not going to take the treatments.” Somewhat alarmed, he said, “Look, if you don’t take the treatments you are going to die.” With an angelic smile and a steady faith, she replied, “Doctor, I didn’t come here to stay.”

All of us are transients on this earth, some here for 90 years, some for 50, and some for less than a year. This life is just a prelude to the main event. That does not mean this life is unimportant; it just means the most important thing one can do on earth is to make reservations for eternity.