Thought for the Day


A 4-year-old girl was fascinated by the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” Night after night she would hand her father the storybook, climb into his lap, and beg him to read it to her.

After several weeks of this, her father decided to put the story on tape and show the little girl how to turn it on by herself. That worked fine for two nights, but the third night she was back with her book asking him to read it to her.

“But Bonnie,” he said, “you have the story on tape and can turn it on by yourself.” “I know,” she pleaded, but I can’t sit on its lap.”

There is no substitute for a healthy hug or a loving touch. Today you might encounter a lonely elderly person or a timid child or your own neglected spouse. It requires so little time and energy to offer a healthy hug or a loving tough. But the power of God runs through it.


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