Thought For the Day


Joe Carney, and unemployed Iowan, found on a street in Des Moines a bag containing $2,300 in cash and 5900 lottery tickets. He turned the bag in to the police.

When a reporter discovered that Joe carney had five children to support, he asked, “Why didn’t you keep the cash?” Carney replied, “There was no way I could keep it since I have five children, because you have to bring them up the right way.”

Most of us complain about rampant crime and widespread dishonesty. This national plague cannot be changed by government, schools, or even churches. The home is where a nation’s morality is forged.

When a parent says to a child, “If that phone call is for me, tell them I’m not home,” a sad lesson in immorality has been communicated.

May God grant us more honest parents like Joe Carney.