Thought For the Day


Lee Iococca got his training at Ford Motor Company under Robert McNamara. McNamara later became Secretary of Defense.

Iococca described his boss as follows: “His high standards of personal integrity could sometimes drive you crazy. Once, for a skiing vacation, he needed a car with a ski rack. ‘No problem,’ I told him. ‘I’ll have a rack put on one of our company cars and you can pick it up in Denver.’ But he wouldn’t hear of it. He insisted that we rent him a car with a ski rack from Hertz and send him the bill. He refused to use a company car on his vacation even though we loaned out hundreds of courtesy cars every weekend to other VIPs. McNamara used to say that the boss has to be more Catholic than the pope and as clean as a hound’s tooth.”

In some corner of this world, however small, you and I set the standard for integrity. Let’s set the standard high.


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