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United Methodists Still Have Time

I am a United Methodist and proud of it! This church has given me a context in which to live out my calling as an Ordained Elder and I am most grateful. Our historical roots are excellent. Our General Rules are golden. I have been graced to stay in one place and see my local congregation grow from just over 200 to over 2,200 over the past twenty years. Growing with this congregation has been the joy of a lifetime. God has been very, very good to me. The church has been very, very good to me.

However, it is increasingly difficult for me to get past our name: United Methodist. A fellow pastor was once asked by a Free Methodist colleague, “Are you really united?” He responded, “We are about as united as you are all free.” Seemed funnier back then. “United Methodist” seems a bit less like a moniker and more like an oxymoron these days. We are not united.

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