Thought For the Day


The late President Harry S. Truman often talked about a political campaign he lost in 1934. The Ku Klux Klan was involved. Truman said, “That Klan bunch came to my office and said they had a problem with me. They said they understood that my grandfather was a Jew, but they’d give me a special dispensation and their support if I would join them. Well, I looked at those miserable creatures and I said that my grandfather was not a Jew, but that if he was, I’d be proud to say so, and that they could keep their support. We parted enemies, thank God. I lost that election. They beat me, but I was never prouder to lose anything in my entire life.”

Sometimes we can tell if we’re right by what enemies we have. If we stand for anything, some will oppose us. If we find among our allies those who stand for bigotry or racism, we should reconsider our position.