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Commission on a Way Forward convenes in Atlanta

Atlanta: The second meeting of the Commission on a Way Forward got underway in Atlanta February 27, as commission members spent time in reflection, discussion and work team meetings.

Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball led the Commission in discussions of accountability and their covenant, the complexity of the work ahead, and building relationships of trust by going deeper in conversation and understanding. These three values—accountability, complexity, trust—are considered essential to taking the steps toward decision-making.

On Tuesday, the Rev. Jorge Acevedo led a Bible study on Galatians 1, a letter that stirred the fires of the Protestant Reformation and was important to both John and Charles Wesley. “Paul gets to the heart of the matter. He’s concerned; very concerned for the church,” said Acevedo.

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Photo by Diane Degnan

Commission moderator Bishop Ken Carter (center, right) interviews Bishop Woodie White at the Commission on a Way Forward gathering on February 27 in Atlanta, Georgia.


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