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December 2022 Prayer Calendar


Thursday, December 1

  • Experience God’s presence while reaching out to others


Friday, December 2

  • Rev. Rob Renfroe, Tom Lambrecht and the Good News Ministry


Saturday, December 3

  • World missions and world evangelism


Sunday, December 4

  • Transmit, teach and proclaim the apostolic faith


Monday, December 5

  • Council of Bishops


Tuesday, December 6

  • The Confessing Movement in the process of discontinuing that ministry


Wednesday, December 7

  • Evangelical Witnessing


Thursday, December 8

  • General Conference 2024


Friday, December 9

  • All Churches engaging in the disaffiliations process


Saturday, December 10

  • Care givers, nursing home residents, hospitals, doctors and nurses


Sunday, December 11

  • Theological Faithfulness to Holy Scripture


Monday, December 12

  • Family values and true Christian love


Tuesday, December 13

  • All United Methodist Pastors and congregations


Wednesday, December 14

  • The future of The Global Methodist Church


Thursday, December 15

  • Thankful hearts for God’s abundance


Friday, December 16

  • The children and youth in your church family

Saturday, December 17

  • That God’s people will show gratitude for all He has given


Sunday, December 18

  • Struggling churches and their pastors


Monday, December 19

  • Judicial Council Members


Tuesday, December 20

  • Our President and World Leaders


Wednesday, December 21

  • The Confessing Movement & Maxie Dunnam for future podcasts


Thursday, December 22

  • God’s grace and peace for families unable to spend Christmas together


Friday, December 23

  • The Future of The United Methodist Church & Global Methodist Church


Saturday, December 24

  • Safe travel for Christmas


Sunday, December 25

  • Celebration of the birth of Jesus


Monday, December 26

  • The Confessing Movement board & staff future and their future


Tuesday, December 27

  • United Methodist missionaries, pastors, and bishops


Wednesday, December 28

  • To affirm the authority of the Holy Scripture within the church


Thursday, December 29

  • Historic concern for social holiness and fidelity


Friday, December 30

  • That God pours out His Spirit upon our country


Saturday, December 31

  • For God’s blessing in the New Year & thanksgiving for the years of fruitful ministry of the Confessing Movement

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