Prayer Calendar


Thursday, September 1

  • The future of the Global Methodist Church


Friday, September 2

  • Rev. Rob Renfroe and Rev. Tom Lambrecht & The Good News ministry


Saturday, September 3

  • The Confessing Movement Board and Staff


Sunday, September 4

  • To affirm the authority of the Holy Scripture within the church


Monday, September 5

  • Winning souls to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ


Tuesday, September 6

  • UM Action, Mark Tooley and John Lomperis


Wednesday, September 7

  • Experience God’s presence while reaching out to others


Thursday, September 8

  • Area community outreach and evangelism programs everywhere


Friday, September 9

  • Churches considering disaffiliation


Saturday, September 10

  • All United Methodist Pastors and congregations


Sunday, September 11

  • That God’s people will show gratitude for all He has done


Monday, September 12

  • The service men and women around the world


Tuesday, September 13

  • United Methodist Bishops


Wednesday, September 14

  • For resolution to the turmoil around the world


Thursday, September 15

  • United States of America and all Countries


Friday, September 16

  • That all may come to know Christ as their Savior and Lord


Saturday, September 17

  • Historic concern for social holiness and fidelity


Sunday, September 18

  • United & Asbury Theological Seminaries


Monday, September 19

  • Leadership and congregational needs in local churches


Tuesday, September 20

  • Annual Conferences disaffiliation process


Wednesday, September 21

  • The President & Vice President of the United States


Thursday, September 22

  • World missions and world evangelism


Friday, September 23

  • For annual conferences to experience renewal and spiritual growth


Saturday, September 24

  • The Judicial Council Members


Sunday, September 25

  • Christian revival across the United States of America


Monday, September 26

  • The United Methodist Church in all Central Conferences


Tuesday, September 27

  • All people who have strayed away from Church


Wednesday, September 28

  • People beginning to read the Bible and searching for Christ


Thursday, September 29

  • All local, district, conference, jurisdiction and general church leaders


Friday, September 30

  • Your Bishop & Pastor