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Confessing faith in Jesus Christ as Son, Savior, and Lord, The Confessing Movement exists to help retrieve and celebrate the Church’s classic biblical and doctrinal identity and to live it out together as followers of Jesus Christ.

This task is critically important in our relativistic age, which insists that every individual come to her or his own personal truth, morality, and understanding of righteousness. Within the United Methodist Church, this situation has often led to the promotion of political ideologies and personal agendas overlaid with religious veneers, positions frequently in opposition to the historic biblical and doctrinal teachings of the faith. 

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Please pray for all the families on the west coast impacted by wildfires as well as those in the south and southeast affected by multiple hurricanes and tropical storms.

October 2020 Prayer Calendar


Bishop John Yambasu of Sierra Leone dies in road accident; he was also chancellor of Africa University


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