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We are grateful to have served!

Our unending praise goes to our heavenly Father for empowering us to serve these many years for the renewal of the church. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to you for your partnership in defending the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that you may experience the presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit each day and always

Our Purpose 


Confessing faith in Jesus Christ as Son, Savior, and Lord, The Confessing Movement exists to help retrieve and celebrate the Church’s classic biblical and doctrinal identity and to live it out together as followers of Jesus Christ.

This task is critically important in our relativistic age, which insists that every individual come to her or his own personal truth, morality, and understanding of righteousness. Within the United Methodist Church, this situation has often led to the promotion of political ideologies and personal agendas overlaid with religious veneers, positions frequently in opposition to the historic biblical and doctrinal teachings of the faith. 

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