Methodists need to recover identity as doctrinal people

Apr 12, 2012 by

By Andrew C. Thompson
UMR Columnist
There should be few things more offensive to Methodists with regard to their tradition than the oft-repeated and vacuous claim that it is “not doctrinal.” 

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  1. Rev Lyle M Miller Sr

    I coulD not agree more. For too long we have let the decline of the church dictate our moving away from a doctrinal church to a secular movement within a so-called community of faith. We have made connections with other denominations in an effort to provide employment for pastors, oftentimes with terrible results, since a Bible Preaching Evangelical Pastor will find serving a UCC of some other liberal denomination difficult to say the least. We also need to rid ourselves of Bishops who knowingly ordain people who have made public statements that go against the discipline of the UMC. I know this has happened more than once in the former Troy Annual conference including the year I was ordained as a Deacon and became an Associate Member of the Church. I was appalled then and continue to be appalled today as we hash over the same muck every four years at General Conference.

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