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Jan 27, 2017 by

By Patricia Miller, Executive Director of The Confessing Movement

I think the first meeting of the bishops’ Commission On A Way Forward went very well.  The 3 bishop moderators had given great thought to the agenda, resources and process.


When I arrived there were several members of the Commission that I knew well.  Some I had met but did not know well and others I had never met.  During the 4 days we met all together and also in small groups.  Through this process we were able to get to know everyone and to develop a good spirit of comradery.  When we left we had talked about a number of issues associated with A Way Forward and each of us has an assignment to develop and bring back to the whole Commission at the end of February.  The Commission released an official statement which can be read HERE.


The moderators have a website for updates on the Commission’s activities.  You can find it at:


I am privileged to have the opportunity to be part of the Commission and I continue to be optimistic about the outcome.

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